-The Marina-

entry to Gig Harbor Bayview guest dock at Arabella's Landing Bayview marina sign Arabella's Landing dock office


We are in the heart of Gig Harbor bay, a short voyage from Vashon's Pt. Dalco or Tacoma's Pt. Defiance. If you'd like to mark us as your destination, our coordinates are 47° 19.85' by 122° 34.90'.

lighthouse at Gig Harbor entrance

The entrance to Gig Harbor is a narrow passage marked by a light at the end of a sand spit extending from the east. The center of the passage is approximately 10' deep at mean low tide, but shallows extend from both shorelines. Entry is not especially tricky or hazardous, but there can be strong tidal currents, and popular boating days see a lot of traffic in and out of the harbor.

Arabella's Landing dock office

When you sail into the bay, keep watch to the port side. You will pass the city dock, identified by a large American flag on the lawn adjoining the dock. You will then pass two covered marinas, followed by a private dock. Our Bayview dock (the longest dock in the Harbor) is next, and is easily identified by a sign on the end. Just beyond the Bayview dock is our main guest dock, with the dock office at the end.

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